An Art Museum as a Workspace

While art museums have a lot to borrow from corporate institutions, they are productive workspaces. Ask any museum employee whether they love their workspace, and the answer would be an emphatic no. Primarily set in the bowels of the building, there may be nothing pleasant about a museum workspace. Some have no windows, while others are only repurposed areas. Hence, it is not surprising to find a museum worker’s desk located in a busy hallway leading into an exhibition space. But does it have to be this way? The answer is no.

The Importance of Good Furniture

Like corporate organizations, most museums have a reception area or an office where important guests can be welcomed before being taken on a tour. This space should have good furniture such as sofas protected with Ikea covers, which can be found at Bemz, a respected global supplier of these accessories. With a focus on conscious consumption, thoughtful details, and design, the store is committed to changing the look of sofa furniture in a personalized way.

Of course, don’t expect every museum to have Silicon Valley-like amenities. With proper planning, however, it is possible to create comfortable and appealing workspaces in these places, right?

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