Open Air Museums: City Murals and Graffiti

Considered for many years a form of vandalism, murals have now been accepted as an artistic expression. In the beginning, colours, shapes and messages were left on old building walls, under bridges or metropolitan area tunnels.

But the beauty and the intense expressivity of many artists’ work is now part of the architectural landscape of many cities around the world. From the most famous one, the mysterious, extremely talented Banksy, to lesser-known artists, their pieces of art keep on flourishing, interpreting peoples’ feelings or picturing events relevant to the place where they are painted.

Murals are definitely strong means of communications: art has finally left the traditional galleries and museums and has moved back to the people. If you want to bring the beauty and inspiring feeling of wall art to your home, you can purchase quality reproductions online.

Many of these murals also carry a political message, about social or environmental issues. Some city councils have decided to use this form of art, so immediate and close to the people, to send messages of peace and hope right into the urban spaces of difficult neighbourhoods.

Thanks also to the extreme talent and skilful techniques of many street artists, murals and graffiti have gained their rightful place as contemporary art forms with a strong, meaningful and surprising impact.

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