Getting ready for an exhibition opening

Many businesses and other organisations aim to improve their reputation by sponsoring art exhibitions and other major museum events. This means that many members of staff at these companies and […]

Plants as Inspiration for Art

No matter what type of art you enjoy, there are usually flowers, plants, and landscapes involved in the painting, decoration, or sculpture. When you think of the famous Italian artists […]

A Look at Poster Museums

While most people can probably name a handful of famous art museums, relatively few will know of any dedicated to posters. They’re more niche, but they offer a fascinating insight […]

Using Posters To Decorate Art Museums

If an up and coming art museum is to differentiate itself from similar rival establishments around the world then it needs a distinct interior design. The way empty spaces of […]

Furnishing an Art Museum

The best art museums in the world all undoubtedly have their own unique character and sense of identity. This is often established through architecture and the art being exhibited. The […]

The Importance of Poster Art For Children

Parents have the responsibility of making sure that their children are diversified in their interests. Many of the things in the world that the parents introduce children to will create […]

Giverny Museum of Impressionism

The Museum of Impressionism was founded in 2009 at Giverny, and it couldn’t exist in a more fitting location. Giverny is a hamlet on the edge of Normandy, France. It’s […]