Getting ready for an exhibition opening

Many businesses and other organisations aim to improve their reputation by sponsoring art exhibitions and other major museum events. This means that many members of staff at these companies and their families may find themselves invited to an exhibition opening or another gallery event.

Making a good impression at this type of event can be easy with a little bit of planning and preparation. Clothes are an obvious starting point but there are a number of other options that can be considered by those who are looking to make a splash when they attend an event.

Dressing to impress

Most gallery openings are formal occasions and most visitors will want to make sure that they fit in with everyone around them. For men, this generally means wearing a suit. Ties are less essential than they once were, having fallen out of favour with the majority of major professions but visitors certainly won’t look out of place if they turn up wearing one.

For women, a long evening dress is generally the place to start. Depending on the event that is being opened and the company that they are attending on behalf of, there may be opportunities to be a little bit more daring when it comes to deciding what to wear.

Both men and women can accessorise their look with bags and other items. For men, a pocket square can be a great choice, while women may want to consider a necklace or brooch in order to stand out from everyone around them.

Looking beyond clothes

Some women find that no matter what clothes they wear, they never feel truly comfortable when they are attending a public event. Thankfully, options for augmenting physical appearance to overcome these problems are much easier and more accessible than they once were. Companies like Motiva UK augmentation surgery offer breast augmentation services that are far lower in cost than they once were.

Booking a consultation with Motiva UK in plenty of time before an exhibition opening or any other event is a great way to find out about what they have to offer and understand whether this type of augmentation surgery could be a good choice. Motiva UK will explain everything that their clients need to know before the surgery takes place. For this reason, it’s well worth getting in touch with Motiva UK in plenty of time before any events to understand the options available to boost confidence.

Working the room

How a person looks is just one of the things that defines how they will be perceived at an exhibition opening. Ideally, visitors should arrive with an idea of the artist whose works are on display and a number of talking points that are linked to them. This will make conversation flow easily and avoid any awkward moments should they get the chance to meet one of the people whose art they are there to view. A little bit of advance work can make the evening far more pleasant for everyone who attends.

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