Plants as Inspiration for Art

No matter what type of art you enjoy, there are usually flowers, plants, and landscapes involved in the painting, decoration, or sculpture. When you think of the famous Italian artists such as Da Vinci and the great landscape painters such as John Constable, there is nearly always some form of plant life in their creations. Right back to Roman times, the laurel wreath was prized and is captured in many art forms of the time. Visiting art museums can certainly stimulate artistic creations, but growing your own subject matter can be an inspiration in itself. It is here that the Getplanta app can be a vital key to success in your artistic ambitions.

Why Consider Planta?

Whether you are new to horticulture or an accomplished grower, this app can offer all manner of helpful tools to help in your cultivation. Many consider floral displays and bouquets to be works of art in their own right. Many famous museum exhibits consist of still life studies of flora, fruit, and vegetables. For example, there are “Basket of Apples” by Cezanne, “Jar of Peaches” by Claude Monet, and “Pomegranates” by Paul Singer Sargent, which are all considered works of art in today’s artistic culture. Why not consider growing your own still life subjects to kickstart your own

artistic career?

If you are interested in art, then a visit to any art museum will provide you with great ideas about pursuing your own painting or sculpting career. The Getplanta app can then supply you with all the necessary tools to get gardening right away. If you already have plants but are not sure what species they are, you can photograph the subject, and the app will identify it. It will also give handy hints and reminders about the best growing conditions for your particular cultivar.

With a light meter to provide the optimum growing locations in your home and a handy care reminder schedule, you can soon be growing your own prize subjects. Also included is a section called Dr. Planta, where you can diagnose any ailments that may be affecting your cultivars to ensure optimum health. You can find information about flowers, houseplants, fruit, and vegetables at the touch of a button on your phone or tablet.


Many art museums and galleries will show exhibitions of great masters’ works, and you can be sure that fruit, vegetables, and flowers will have pride of place in many of them. Why not download the Getplanta app, visit an art museum, and get started painting your own still life studies? If you become successful, you could one day warrant your own exhibition. Why not start growing and painting today and create the next masterpiece for the art world to admire?

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